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Philosophy: Libertarianism

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Anyone who has tried to advocate for a libertarian society - i.e., a society in which coercion is the fundamental crime - has heard this refrain. Its premise is that we'd have no roads to travel on if it weren't for government seizing people

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We have been long critical of a "libertarian international" (think of it as "LIBINTERN", like the old COMINTERN) that has emerged (with lavish funding from the US government, as well as from the various hydra heads of the George Soros world, the sha

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One of the central defects among leftists (that is, "liberals," progressives, socialists, or interventionists) is their wrong-headed view of the nature of people's rights. Their belief on this issue is one of the distinguishing characteristics

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Eric Peters Autos

Let's begin with a question rarely asked - and almost never answered. Probably because of the answer: Who owns you?

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It has finally been released. Bob Murphy and Jordan Peterson. If I recall, it was scheduled to be released about a month ago.