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L. Neil Smith - Died Yesterday - We Mourn

• Mike Dugger

From : Mike Dugger - Arizona Activist

I'm greatly saddened to hear of the passing of L. Neil Smith, the estimable science fiction author and lifelong lover of liberty. Neil was probably one of the most ardent and tireless advocates of the individual right to keep and bear arms in my lifetime. A literal brother-in-arms to all of us who believe in the supremacy of the individual, rather than the State. A man who greatly and positively influenced a generation or more of libertarians.

I extend my condolences to his wife, Cathy, who is Neil's equal in her love and pursuit of individual freedom, and as strong-willed therein as any of the heroines in Neil's novels. And to his daughter, Rylla, who exemplifies the qualities of both her parents in her own delightful and unique way.

I expect most of Neil's fans and friends were introduced to him through reading his many science fiction titles. My initial introduction to Neil was through his essays that floated, first around BBS systems in the 1980s, then through the fledgling internet of the 1990s, and ultimately published as Lever Action in 2001 by Vin Suprynowicz's Mountain Media. Those essays were a no-holds-barred advocacy of asserting and defending the rights of the individual, with a pronounced emphasis on gun rights; as were his science fiction novels which I came to read and appreciate somewhat later. Indeed, I think one of my first personal contacts with Neil was him thanking me for a revue I'd written of Pallas for The Arizona Libertarian. It wouldn't be our last, as we became good friends and political allies thereafter. He was the real deal and I am blessed to have had him as a true libertarian mentor.

Visit Neil's wikipedia page,, for a brief biography and a list of his novels.

(Bob Anderson and Ernest Hancock were doing a Podcast when we heard the news and share his impact on us all while we battle the Forces of Evil he described we would have to face... very timely for what is happening all around us now)



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