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Tucker Carlson: Abortion is a 'Human Sacrifice' Offering to Demonic Spirits

• The Daily Fetched

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he believes abortion is a form of "human sacrifice" that acts as a demonic "offering to the spirit world."

During an explosive interview with InfoWars' Alex Jones last week, Tucker said he hadn't thought about abortion that much because he "didn't have … a coherent theology other than, you know, I'm a Christian."

However, Tucker admitted that "watching what's happening to the world" made him think more deeply about it.

While Carlson reiterated that he's s "always been totally opposed to abortion or killing the defenseless— really killing anybody, honestly, except for self-defense," he added that "all of the sudden people are saying, well, abortion is itself the point. Like having an abortion is just good for the sake of doing it."