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Religion: Believers

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President Donald Trump added a radical twist to the annual National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony last Friday by invoking the divinity of Jesus Christ.

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At the end of another long day trying to sign up new clients accusing the Roman Catholic Church of sexual abuse, lawyer Adam Slater gazes out the window of his high-rise Manhattan office at one of the great symbols of the church, St. Patrick's Cat

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You Should Know That he is one of the Leader of the Antichrist Church -- "the Bible 'Antichrist' System". the Pope Thinks He Sits in Place of Christ, Acting as If He Is God, Which Is What Antichrist Actually Means in the Original Language.

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Dave Hodges Common Sense Show

Like birds were made to live in the air, and fish were made to live in the water, people were made to live in grace. For Mother's Day, we are looking at the story of two mothers - Hagar and Sarah - to learn the difference between families and c

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It's not the idea of monarchy that they find repugnant. All they find repugnant is the idea that the monarchy might be led by a Democrat. The idea of a Trump monarchy thrills them to no end.