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Religion: Believers

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Ricky Gervais and I discuss his well-known stance on religion how he sees himself as spiritual but not religious, how atheism could impact an individualistic society, and how dogma has crept into everything, from identity politics to social struc

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In Lesson 2 we examined the problem with the word "God." This time we'll look at the reasons for believing in a creator… simple and compelling reasons. This story is probably a bit complex for very young children, but for the older children i

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The vast majority of America's evangelical Christians have a HUGE blind spot: They cannot see the ruinous role that the State of Israel plays in world affairs--especially in U.S. affairs.

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Very few words in the English language, and probably none, have more interpretations than God. This is a large impediment to not only theology, but to human communication in general. After all, nearly all of us, even atheists, use "God" as an ult

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It would be hard to start a series like this (eventually it will be a book) with anything less than the creation. Passing it by would leave a gap that we'd be dancing around for the remainder of the study.

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First there was the HCSB Heroes Bibles (Military). Then it was The Green Bible. This was followed by The American Patriot's Bible. This was followed by the The KJV Military Bible. Then there was the God's Glory Bible. And now we have the "limit