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COVID UNMASKED is a 4-part documentary. Part I: The Problem began airing on Monday 9/11. Part 2: COVID, INC. began airing on Tuesday 9/12. Part 3: The Big Picture began broadcasting on 9/13. The films are available in English, Spanish, German, French

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via Joining me today is James Corbett, founder of The Corbett Report, and video editor extraordinaire Broc West, here for a 9/11 anniversary watch-along and Q&A of their excellent documentary titled: COVID-911: From Homel

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During COVID...There was no information, and there was no consent, and without them, patients are reduced to helpless victims, exploited for corrupt financial gain and immoral experiments.

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Will You comply with Pandemic 2.0? As mainstream media pumps out another campaign of fear over new COVID variants, social media has made it very clear 'we the people' will not comply with unscientific lockdowns, mandates, or masks again.