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Stanley Milgram's experiment was conducted in 1963, before the internet, social media, and the complete takeover of the U.S. by the Deep State.

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Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager

From plastic straws to the thermostat in your own home, some people want to control every aspect of your life. America was founded to combat this dark side of human nature that seeks power over others, including what you're allowed to say, do, and ev

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by jeffrey a. tucker

In the course of almost four years, and really dating back a decade and a half, I've managed to read most of the writings of the intellectuals, titans of industry, and government officials who constructed the strange reality of 2020 and after.

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If you've read We're All Dutch Farmers Now and We're All Sri Lankan Farmers Now, then you'll know all about the concerted war on farming that is taking place right now, not just in Holland or Sri Lanka but in Ireland and Argentina and Canada and Spai

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For the past century, it's been a mainstay of the science-fiction genre: the medicated society--a society in which the majority of the population is given some form of drug to alter their behaviour, ostensibly for the better.

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America's reputation as "the land of the free" is rooted in the Anglo-Saxon legal and political tradition, not in diversity and multiculturalism.

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Earlier we reported on Rumble's refusal to block Russel Brand at the demand of the UK government, but as Glenn Greenwald reports on X (former Twitter), Rumble not only faces being completely blocked in the UK, but its executives risk being arrested i

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