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You may have wondered why it is that every 2024 model year vehicle – as in all of them – comes standard with a slew of "driver assistance technologies," always marketed as being "advanced."

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Paul Craig Roberts

How can a people as indoctrinated and brainwashed as Americans possibly avoid the tyranny that is rapidly descending on them? Many Americans have difficulty being realistic about government. They think government is there to serve them. It is not.

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There was a time. What seemed to be unfolding was a huge intellectual error for the history books. A new virus had come along and everyone was freaking out and smashing all normal social functioning.

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The war in the Ukraine has been an epic failure for US foreign policy. No one can pretend they didn't know this was the line in the sand for Russia.

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For those of us on the side of sanity, reason, and data-driven evidence, the refusal of Covid extremist "experts" to admit mistakes has been a constant, oppressive source of frustration.

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I think this made up word in the meme below perfectly captures the tyrannical billionaire psychopaths who seem to have gained control of the world using their billions, while portraying themselves as the saviors of humanity.