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Genetic Harvesting -- The Globalists Push for Collecting Your DNA to Target and...

•, By Paul A. Philips

An unsuspecting alliance between the UK's National Health Service (NHS) and Royal Mail was formed to set up a rather dubious charity that offers £10 to anyone who submits their DNA to them. Some 20 million-plus UK citizens have been "randomly contacted" and asked to submit their DNA.

The so-called charity 'Our Future Health' is pitching the offer under the auspices of studying your DNA for the purpose of 'people's future health benefits…' For more on this go Here.

Does this government-backed and funded human DNA surveying operation smack of hidden ulterior motive to you?

Is this nationwide request part of a DNA evaluation process to study those jabbed with mRNA vaccines…? And what about studying the effects on individual DNA with graphene and 5G…? Consider this in relation to the internet of things.

Although you may not live in the UK will the idea behind this project expand worldwide?

Further, will those acting for the globalists power cult having access to your DNA from the database make you an unsuspecting target one day?

In other words – Do you have the following characteristics?

* You're someone with high integrity.

* You're aware of the bigger picture seeing a higher perspective through an alternative lens.

* Having been awakened you feel morally dutifully bound to be an activist, having the conscience to act on what's fair, right and just…

* Your activism is based on exposing corporate criminal activity, treasonous governmental and political corruption…

* You give your full support to the second amendment.

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