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Electrical conduits are the lifelines of modern infrastructure, seamlessly transporting power through a labyrinth of hidden pathways. Ensuring these vital channels are safely tucked away beneath the surface is crucial for the well-being of both the e

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Beyond Labels Podcast Clips

In today's episode, Dr. Sina shares all about her journey of realizing her personal care products were not what they seemed while also empowering herself and her family with solutions.

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One of the more interesting facets of GPS is that, at least from the receiver's point-of-view, it's a fairly passive system. All of the information beamed down from the satellites is out in the ether, all the time, free for anyone on the planet t

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Edison Motors -

Edison Motors is not just about creating new vehicles; they're pioneering a movement against planned obsolescence in the EV space. They're empowering local garages and smaller shops with the knowledge and certification to work on electric vehicles, e

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GreenShortz DIY -

This cobb rocket stove has a makes hot water. By adding a 3/8 inch copper coil to this mud-based rocket stove, I am able to circulate water using a thermal siphon to heat a bucket of water. Part 2 of the video will be the creation of an o

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Little Aussie Rockets -

It's sooo good. Elegance and practicality combined to create an efficient water heater. Heated 80 litres of water from 30 C to 70 C in 1.2 hours. Probably one of my better looking and performing stoves and potentially could develop this into a laser