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Hi everyone! Finally I've managed to assemble a Skid-steer loader! I decided to release this video specifically after all the work was finished, for fear of doing the same thing with buggy on the tracks last time. After the field-control test, we can

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EG4 is doing a launch event where they are giving away free chargeverters to customers who buy 2 or more 6kw or 6.5kw inverters before June 1st. Just add 2+ inverters to your cart, or a solar kit, and the chargeverter will be added for free:

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Lets build a cheap and easy diy chicken coop!! We needed a bigger coop and I wasn't about to spend thousands of dollars on a large coop. This is what we came up with!

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Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines -

This video shows an overview of the PortaPen build. I did this for a zoom presentation on Permaculture that I was part of recently. Here is a link to our DIY plan if you would like a more detailed explanation...

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Low-Tech Lab

Low-techs are open to everyone everywhere. They provide the keys to answer our needs, while respecting people and the planet. The Low-Tech Lab's mission is to find, test and share these solutions with as many people as possible.