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The Future of Phones Is DIY Repairability

•, Katie Collins

Performing a highly technical demonstration in front of a live audience of journalists is always a risky move on the part of a technology company. You can almost guarantee that tech will fail you at the very moment you need it to perform at its best.

But not today, Satan. Today, Nokia Product Marketing Chief Adam Ferguson is replacing the battery on one of the company's three new budget phones live on camera, all while providing onlooking press with a running commentary of exactly what he's doing and why it's so important.

Ferguson promises it'll take him less than five minutes to complete the battery transplant, and though we can quibble over a few seconds either way, he fundamentally proves to be a man of his word.

"If someone like me -- who isn't particularly good with his hands, as you've probably seen from some of my shaky handling there -- can do it while speaking to all of you, hopefully it demonstrates that absolutely anybody can," he told us during the demo, which took place virtually, in the week preceding Mobile World Congress.

The Nokia G22, now waking up from major surgery performed by an amateur in front of our eyes, is designed with repairability at its very core. Thanks to a partnership with tech repair company iFixit, owners of this phone, announced at MWC in Barcelona on Saturday, will be equipped with guides and support to fix their phones themselves when the time comes. All they'll need is a guitar pick and a #00 screwdriver.