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DIY-Do it yourself

Article Image By Joseph Cox

Ordinary Americans are using armies of phones to generate cash to buy food, diapers, and beer through ad fraud.

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A technology-enthusiast has invented a Nerf gun turret that can automatically track and shoot down small drones. The ingenious contraption uses the Lidar capabilities of a Kinect v2 sensor, and a milled steel two-axis gimbal, all controlled by softwa

Article Image By Carly Stern

Mother reveals she uses a VIBRATOR to ease her baby's chest congestion - and the internet is fascinated by her effective DIY remedy

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There's a memorable line in the New Testament that adjures the readers to be "doers of the word and not hearers only." And that's what I'm urging today. But this isn't about the Bible; this is about whatever you believe.

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By SurvivalWoman Backdoor Survival

Tires are everywhere you look. During a survival situation, the ability to fix a tire and extend its life is a good skill to have. The supplies in this article are inexpensive and can be bought a little at a time so it is not hard to fit into even a