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Acorn Land Labs -

We're assembling sustainable, affordable, off-grid systems to provide for the 5 basic physiological needs for 2-4 humans: Creative shelter, fresh water, green sanitation, clean energy, and local food are things that make the world truly better and

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Strange Garage -

What's up guys! Here is a overview video on how I built my CNC plasma cutter. I'm planning on doing several more detailed videos on this subject, but I wanted to start off with a cliffhanger to get some buzz going.

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We are building this rainwater harvesting or collection system for our Livestock from our Barn, our barn has a large metal roof which is optimal for collecting free rain water! Join me as I walk you though the detailed steps of the first flush assemb

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In this video I'll show you how I turned this livestock tank into a pool. This is a fairly simple project that can be completed by one person half a day. I was able to source everything except the pump and plunger valves in local stores and I encou