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Edison Motors' Bold Approach to Vehicle Retrofitting

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We delve into the innovative world of Edison Motors, a company that's challenging the norms of the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Join us as we uncover their mission to transform how electric vehicles are utilized, especially in the realms of heavy-duty work like one-ton trucks, service, and welding trucks.

Edison Motors is not just about creating new vehicles; they're pioneering a movement against planned obsolescence in the EV space. They're empowering local garages and smaller shops with the knowledge and certification to work on electric vehicles, ensuring these skills don't remain exclusive to large dealerships.

In this video, we visit a potential goldmine for retrofit projects – the Ritchie Brothers' auction. Here, we explore the vast potential of turning old, worn-out trucks into efficient, hybrid-electric vehicles, giving them a new lease on life.

We also take a deep dive into the certification process for becoming an Edison Motors installer. This includes hands-on training with the Edison retrofit kit and understanding the nuances of EV technology.

Furthermore, we discuss how Edison Motors is not overextending by venturing into both semi-trucks and pickup truck kits. Their strategy revolves around economies of scale, making EV technology more affordable and accessible.

Our journey takes us to KeaBray Holdings, one of the first to sign up for Edison's installer program. We explore their facilities, discuss the technicalities of the retrofitting process, and understand how they plan to integrate this innovative technology into their operations.

Edison Motors isn't just creating a product; they're building a community and an ecosystem that supports growth, learning, and adaptation in the EV industry. This is more than a company; it's a vision for a future where electric vehicles are accessible, repairable, and beneficial to all sectors of society.

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