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James Corbett - The Corbett Report

I often get asked about an image I've had cause to include in several of my articles over the years. It depicts a television camera capturing a knife attack in such a way as to completely flip the reality of who is attacking and who is being attacked

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Lyn Ulbricht: Today marks my son Ross's 10th year in prison. Like many twenty-somethings he was idealistic and reckless. Now, without a commutation from the president, he will pay for that with his life.

Article Image, Mark Dice

How accurate and reliable is Wikipedia? It's one of the most popular websites in the world, and the top search result on Google for most topics, but the site has a long history of political bias, falsehoods, and misinformation.

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Eric Peters Autos

You may have heard that Whoopie Goldberg and "Dr." Jill Biden have both come down with "COVID" again. But how can this be? Weren't both of them "vaccinated" - several times?

Article Image - Dr Mercola

Intelligence agencies have a long history of using propaganda as a tool of war, and the effectiveness of information warfare radically improved with the emergence of the internet, to say nothing of artificial intelligence and social media.


Wikipedia is the most biased encyclopedia in history, having been hijacked by U.S. intelligence, industry and the political establishment years ago