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Mis-information and dis-information. Who should be responsible for deciding what truth we're told?… We should leave that up to the Government, shouldn't we?

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The world is replete with information, so how do you filter it down to the actual truth? This extensive video explains the threefold nature of knowledge, known as the Trivium, and it goes through a list of common logical fallacies in order to provide

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Ron Paul Institute - Ron Paul

After two years of unprecedented government tyranny in the name of fighting a virus, the prime instigators of this infamy are walking free, writing books, and openly pretending they never said the things they clearly said over and over.

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Sorelle Amore Finance -

Plastic recycling is literally a scam. Or is it? We all know that humanity couldn't exist in the way it does without plastic, however much of the way our currenct society operates with plastic were lies sold to us by the plastic industry.