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Eric Peters Autos

Does it make sense to play by the rules when the rules no longer apply? Well, when they only apply to you?

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To close this study, I want to explain two things that lie beneath everything we've covered thus far. These, really, are the foundation upon which everything else stands. And so I think that our coverage would be incomplete without describing them.

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By now we've gone through 17 major fallacies of logic or groups of fallacies, a significant number of lesser fallacies and additional word-borne attacks. But I still have a few topics remaining… topics that I feel are crucial to clear thinking. A

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We're slowly getting more information about events on January 6 at the Capitol. Every new bit of information shows that what happened pretty much falls within the parameters of anything Code Pink or Antifa have done on or to federal property, altho

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Let's be honest. Things have gone to heck in a handbasket for a whole lot of people since the Covid crisis started, and whether you think the virus is a scam or not, the end results are the same.

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We Are Change - Luke Rudkowski -

In this video, we break down hygiene theater news and a huge admission by Dr. Fauci. We also deliver you an interview with KL Wong, the founder of Hello Pal, a social media, livestreaming and mining platform.