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Americans perceive Iran as Evil #1 on the planet, the latest Gallup poll shows. Since neither the US military nor intelligence believes Iran could strike America, why do the US media whip up hysteria about Iran, some 10,000 kilometers away?

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by Lawrence Davidson

Over the past few decades in America, reality has been put in play as never before, with powerful interests using sophisticated “perception management,” the shaping of how the public perceives the outside world, a threat that Lawrence Davidson says

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by Robert Reich

Suddenly, manufacturing is back -- at least on the election trail. But don't be fooled. The real issue isn't how to get manufacturing back.

Article Image Napolitano

Does the government work for us or do we work for the government? Can the federal government take credit for saving us from a plot of its own creation?

David McElroy

Like a great heard of sheep being driven by a pack of ravenous wolves, many people are panicing, confused, and distracted by a barrage of misinformation, smoke & mirrors in Uncle Sam's gaslight alleys.

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Tom Engelhardt Editor of

Despite two disastrous wars and a global war on terror now considered “multigenerational", trillions of lost dollars, and staggering numbers of deaths (if you happen to include Iraqi and Afghan ones), the U.S. military mustn’t in any way slack off.

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Mother Jones

Stewart Rhodes, founder of the "patriot" group Oath Keepers, apparently thinks the United States government, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Rachel Maddow, Mother Jones, AlterNet, and the rest of the liberal media are complicit in a COINTELPRO-style

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robert singer

Recall the baffling news events from November 2009? * Is Doomsday Coming? Perhaps, but Not in 2012 [1] * Survey: Nearly half of adults don’t plan to get H1N1 vaccine * Fort Hood attack likely Islamist terrorism, Cornyn and Lieberman

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