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Awaken With JP

Here are some facts about the fact checkers you may not know. Having everything you post fact checked is important to protect you from free thinking. But who are the all knowing fact checkers who have never been wrong?

Article Image, Jimmy Dore

This post was originally published on this siteDr. Fauci "Moves Goal Posts" About Herd Immunity. - Jimmy Dore Original Publish Date: January 1, 2021 6:49 pm Find out more from this author: #ForceTheVote Can't Wait! Why The Idea Caught Fire. 3 hours

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Childrens Health Defense - RFK, Jr

Gates and his minions insist the billionaire never said we'd need digital vaccine passports. But in a June 2020 TED Talk, Gates said exactly that. Someone edited out the statement, but CHD tracked down the original.

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So stunning is the lack of protection afforded by the mumps portion of the MMR II vaccine that it is the subject of a false claims suit that has been accepted by the federal government against MMR II manufacturer and pharmaceutical giant Merck.