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I have been lonely in my concern with the dire economic implications of robotics, but now Clarity Press has provided me with some company by publishing The Artificial Intelligence Contagion by David Barnhizer and Daniel Barnhizer.

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While the aggregate U-3 US unemployment rate fell to its lowest since Dec 1969 (matching the initial jobless claims records), we suspect President Trump will be more glowingly positive about another data item that dropped this morning.

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Young adults are the last to be hired and first to be fired. They are the most economically fragile segment of the population and their levels of employment offer the first signs of economic stress.

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By Bill Sardi

Get good grades. Get a good job. Get a college education. Work your way up the ladder. You might become a millionaire. But you are always relying on someone else determining how valuable you are. According to the U.S. Debt Clock, in this land o

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If words are a medium of creative human communication, how can an inhuman AI computer program add to knowledge? The answer is that it cannot, and in fact, it dumbs it down. Why should "artificial" replace the real thing? ? TN Editor

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During the last century, everyone from John Maynard Keynes to The Jetsons predicted that in the future, technological advances would drastically cut down the number of hours the average person would need to work to keep the economy going. Why didn't

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The decisions by Amazon and Google to expand into the New York area have led some pundits to claim that the nation's high-tech economic future will be shaped in dense urban areas.