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MGM Seeks to Replace 2,000 Workers With Robots By 2020

•, by Mish

VegasSlotsOnline reports MGM Could Replace Many Employees with Robots

MGM, one of the major global casino companies, is considering replacing some workers with robots, which will cause some concern for their employees and those in the industry as a whole.

The Las Vegas Culinary Union (LVCU), which represents bartenders, kitchen staff, and wait staff, reached a five-year deal in June 2018 with the MGM.

The agreement guarantees that MGM will not implement any technology that would have a negative impact on employment. However, the news that the MGM is considering replacing some workers with robots could mean that the company is not willing to fulfill this agreement.

MGM is thinking about replacing workers with robot technology in its Las Vegas Strip properties

Its 2020 plan calls for reducing the workforce by about 2,100 people to save $300 million in the coming years

Unions and workers will likely react strongly to such a move

A McKinsey and Company report estimates that by 2030, 800 million jobs will get robot replacements

Why any company would agree to a long-term contract forcing them to not reduce costs is a mystery. The article did not say how MGM could get around the contract.

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