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This is what happens when an entire generation of youth flat-out refuses to work: ...


(Natural News) McDonald's is teaming up with the AARP to recruit a fleet of "mature" workers to meet their employment needs. Taking aim at the over-50 set, the fast food giant is looking to fill an assortment of positions ranging from early-morning shift roles all the way up to management. The work ethic of older generations is well-known and is undoubtedly a pleasant change from testy teenagers and surly twenty-somethings.

But while the hiring spree may sound like good news for older generations, it reveals a sad set of circumstances for today's youth. While employment rates among older adults are on the rise, the 18-to-30 crowd is seriously lagging behind. In fact, reports suggest that the number of young adults who aren't working hasn't been this high since the 1970s — before women entered the work force en masse.

McDonald's moves for mature workers

As Market Watch reports, McDonald's is looking to hire some 250,000 new employees this summer. In years past, students were prime targets for summer hiring but in today's job market, the young don't always make the cut. A McDonald's spokesperson says the company is excited about exploring new opportunities with an "under-utilized" market.

Estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that by 2024, adults aged 55 or older will make up 25 percent of the nation's labor force.