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Trilateral Commissioner Larry Summers, OpenAI Board Member, Says All Labor Will Be Replaced


Now, a member of the Trilateral Commission sits on the Board of Directors of OpenAI, the company that is expected to dominate the AI field.

Last November, the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, was summarily and suddenly fired from the company by the Board of Directors. Chaos ensued. Then, miraculously, Altman jockeyed to be reinstated after he fired the existing Board and bought in new Directors who would be more amenable to his plans to conquer the world.

Enter Larry Summers, member of the Trilateral Commission and new member of OpenAI's Board of Directors!

Who is Summers? He was appointed as Secretary of the Treasury during the Clinton Administration, following another Trilateral Robert Rubin. Both President Bill Clinton and his vice-president Al Gore were also members. He then went back to Harvard University to serve as its President. Then he joined the Obama Administration as director of National Economic Council.