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America is open for business again! President Donald Trump just capped off his first six months in office with a SWEEPING plan to wipe out job-killing overregulation and boost productivity - and it's getting Americans back to work.

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When Obama took office, the unemployment was double digits, and now eight years later we find ourselves sitting at 4.3%. Pretty hard to argue with those numbers… or is it? Like most things in politics there is usually more behind the numbers th

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To strive in the face of adversity is the mantle of Nepali tradition. The country has a historically tumultuous government that has dissolved and transformed many times, either due to in-fighting, public pressure, or most infamously, the massacre of

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The grass was not greener on the other side of the ocean, and turns out to be a cheap plastic imitation. Companies are not looking for cheaper labor markets since it is cheaper to invest in robotics right where they are. This trend will hit the west

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A lot of people assume that any degree increases your income over the course of your life, but it actually seriously depends on what major you choose and what career you go into.