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Bitcoins has been the talk of the town amongst the supper geeky over the last year or so but this completely digital currency is starting to make headline in some big publications.

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The Euro crisis is not “solved.” Not by a long shot. Yet Bloomberg reports this morning (i,e, March 2nd) that European leaders “declared a turning point in the Greece-fueled debt crisis.”

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Imagine a world where your credit card is a distant memory, where all of your accounts are stored in your phone instead of a bank, and where everyone pays for their purchases with a new global currency that was designed exclusively for the digital ag

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Six centuries ago, when London and Paris were irrelevant, plague-infested backwaters, and New York City wasn’t even on the map, the greatest city in the world was Nanjing– the capital of the Great Ming.

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The one thing about cash is that it is anonymous. And that's the one thing that intrusive governments don't like about it.