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Fresh on the heels of ECB president Mario Draghi's Lies In Defense Bond Purchases, Including a Warning of Deflation [below] comes news of an unexpected rise in Eurozone price inflation.

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Historically, the act of bartering has flourished in times of monetary crisis, such as when the currency in a country has become unstable (e.g. Hyperinflation or a deflationary spiral) or currency is simply unavailable for conducting normal purchasin

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7 of 10 Asian Countries have now pegged their currency to the Chinese Yuan instead of the U.S. dollar now. It is estimated by 2015 the Yuan/Renminbi will be a currency traded fully and internationally. With all the unlimited printing of the do

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Bitcoin is a new digital currency that allows you to send money like you send an email – to anyone, anywhere, anytime – without going through a bank or corporation or government. Bitcoin operates completely peer-to-peer, like gold and silver, but it

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An important shift is developing in Saudi Arabian currency derivatives markets as Iran becomes engulfed in populist protests amid hyperinflationary pressures and armed conflict breaks out between Turkey and Syria, heightening concerns about tensions