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In early August, the FDIC1 and the Fed2 issued a "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" stating that it intends to adopt the Basel III3 capital requirements.

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by Daniel S. Comiskey

From an Evansville strip mall, Bernard von NotHaus ran the most successful alternative currency in the country. Then the FBI raided his headquarters, arrested him, and seized eight tons of gold and silver backing the notes.

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Max Keiser and Hugo Price

What can save Greece? Max Keiser and Hugo Price argue that a return to a silver drachma is one solution along with the firing of central bankers who continue to make the financial crisis worse.

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Today, we're accustomed to thinking of small greenish paper rectangles as the definition of money, and we think of the US government as the only source of money.

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Drew Phillips

The Moneylith has arrived and is well on its way to transforming the silver economy. This clever video demonstrates the Moneylith in action in a creative take resembling 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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FeedZeBirds is proud to announce that you can now own a piece of On Thursday, May 24, at 15:30 EST FeedZeBirds will release 30% of the company as 30,000 shares on GLBSE, the Bitcoin stock exchange.

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The euro hit a four-month low against the dollar and 3-1/2 month trough versus the yen on Friday as concerns about a chaotic Greek exit from the euro zone and instability in the Spanish banking system fuelled demand for safer currencies.

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In 2008 the Lakota people launched the Free Lakota Bank, in accordance with the demands of the treaty council, in partnership with the American Open Currency Standard and with protection from the Strong Heart Warrior Society.

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The Associated Press on CBS

The Federal Reserve has for the first time given approval for a large Chinese bank to purchase a U.S. bank. It also gave approval to two other large Chinese banks to expand their operations in the United States. The Fed board announced Wednesday i

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