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Thanks to excellent investigative work by conservative journalist Matt Walsh, we have a full view of the horrors of Vanderbilt University Medical Center program to sterilize, drug, and mutilate children...for profit! Also today, yesterday President B

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One may not agree with every thing he said but he is indeed profound and was beyond his years so take from it what you wish and discard what you do not agree with etc. It is up to you.

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Inflation continues to surprise to the upside. Meanwhile, the economy continues to surprise to the downside. But the markets continue to believe that the Federal Reserve can slay the inflation monster while still guiding the economy to a so-called

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Has the stage been set for some unknown disaster? At 2:52mins German Govt. Official says, on Sept 24, 2022 you will remember where you were for the rest of your life. At 3:50mins Denver office of emergency management is handing out emergency backp

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People have been flooding into the physical bullion markets ever since the onset of COVID and the tyrannical government response more than two years ago. Now we can add unprecedented political and economic uncertainty.

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In the year 1566, at the end of the reign of the legendary Suleiman the Magnificent, his Ottoman Empire was the world's dominant superpower.

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Carefully indoctrinated hatred of Alex Jones is the basis for the $49 million civil trial award to an alleged parent who says he was defamed by Alex Jones' reporting about the alleged Sandy Hook school shootings.

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Jonathan Pageau and Gregg Hurwitz sit down with Dr. Jordan B Peterson to discuss a few of his recent controversial tweets covering topics of transgenderism, the body positivity movement, and the election of supreme court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackso

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As Masterclass launches President George W. Bush's class on 'tough calls and life lessons', we ask, what are these life lessons, and what is the campaign to normalise war criminals really all about?

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There is one enormous difference between Leftists and the rest of us – and it is not a difference of opinion.