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I am encouraged by the fact that the mainstream media and the elites who set the narrative for them have found it necessary to take on Joe Rogan head-on.

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Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. NH Legislature Ponders Free Software Mandate :: Did Intel & Copyright Cartels Just Kill Off Blu-ray? ::

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Wendy Sherman thinks her aim in talks with Russian officials starting Monday is to lecture them on the cost of hubris. Instead she's set to lead the U.S., NATO, and Europe down a path of ruin, warns Scott Ritter.

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In the year 435 AD, after several years of endless menacing from the nomadic Hun tribe, the Roman Empire was ready to make a deal.

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Twice now I've released a video about manipulation of your data. But no one wants to know about it? Help me understand the lack of interest in such a serious topic. Is it about politics?

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"Try to unlearn the obsessive fear of death (and the anxious quest for death avoidance) that pervades linear thinking in nearly every modern society.

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The appearance of Dick Cheney in the House of Representatives on the anniversary of January 6th helped identify the true villain on the scene...

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Glenn Greenwald Offers his Perspective on the Democrats' "Trump Insurrection" Histrionics. Greenwald is on the money, but the situation for American is even more serious than he thinks.

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Austria is Rising; Facebook Fact-Checkers Are 'Opinion?'; Mikki Willis Exposes Media Lies, & Reveals The Next Plandemic; Is Fauci Trying to Steal Christmas?