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My Brothers and Sisters, In the darkest days of World War II, Churchill warned of "a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted by the lights of perverted science." He was speaking, of course, of the disastrous consequences fre

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The pandemic presented forensically for what it is, namely, a massive theatrical edifice intended to distract popular attention away from the fact that criminal bankers running the monetary system are making a concerted push toward full-on totalitari

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I've spent most of the summer sailing around the Greek Isles and reading up on the Spartans. Why the Spartans?

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Once upon a time when I was young, Harvard was a prestigious university where a determined student could get a good education.

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Dallas Federal Reserve President Robert Kaplan has been one of the more hawkish Fed members. On Aug 11, he said the Fed should announce a quantitative easing taper in September and begin slowing asset purchases in October.

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"If American Airlines were in charge, they would've blamed all the cancellations on weather and then given everyone's checked luggage to the Taliban." – Sean Davis, Editor, The Federalist, on the action in the Kabul airport.

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Christine Smith

Free (for a few days) e-booklet on amazon - AMERICA, THIS IS COMMUNISM. A 6-part essay booklet examining how/why so many Americans accept the communist agenda and what Christians can do in this spiritual battle for our nation.

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I don't get out that often. Farming requires a constant set of eyeballs on the herds and flocks as well as a fair degree of labor regardless of the season.

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There are almost no brave people left in academia, or sport, or the land of celebrity. When one of their own faces the axe for some random transgression of an invisible rule book on political niceties, their colleagues abandon them.

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Those of us who are aware that the entirety of the Western media is unreliable rely on RT and Sputnik for news, but often RT and Sputnik sound like the unreliable Western media. I have noticed this for a long time. Often I thought I should write to

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