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Article Image By Edward Curtin

My title comes from a 19th century author whose name does not matter nor would it mean much if I mentioned him.

Article Image by Marie Hawthor

Within the past ten days, both Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger have announced that they plan to lay off 20% of their workforces. Despite early media hype about how these highly processed plant burgers would "save the planet," it turned out a lo

Article Image By Llewellyn H. Rockwe

The great Dr. Ron Paul has been right about all the major issues that confront the world today.

Article Image by JEFFREY A. TUCKER

Jesus in the wilderness faced three temptations from the Devil himself: material comfort, fame, and power. Needless to say, he declined every temptation and passed all three trials.

Article Image by Martin Armst

I have zero respect for Zelensky. I believe he is a vile person who is destroying his own country and he will be given a free ride by the US to probably Miami.