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In This Disaster We Are All, Ultimately, Innocent

• By: Caitlin Johnstone

This attitude generally seems to be born of frustration. People learn about what's happening to our world and begin to see how easy it would be to change course if not for the greed and megalomania of our rulers, as well as the obedience of the rank-and-file public and its credulous acceptance of the propaganda that keeps them accepting status quo systems, and they get frustrated. Frustrated with a humanity that just won't come to its senses, even with all the evidence right there to be seen.

That frustration often turns to disgust as people discover that not only do others fail to see what they see, but they actively avoid looking at it even if you point it out to them. You can lay out the evidence for the corruption and unsustainability of status quo politics and the omnicidal, ecocidal depravity of oligarchic imperialism — lay it out right under their noses — and they'll make up excuses to turn away.

One way of dealing with the psychological discomfort of this situation is to try and distance yourself emotionally from the plight of humanity and say, "Fine, screw it. Let humanity plunge into dystopia and armageddon. The sooner it happens, the better. We deserve it."

And I understand the sentiment, but to me saying humanity deserves destruction sounds a lot like saying a drug addict deserves to overdose. 

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Comment by PureTrust
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When are people going to realize that articles that talk about hopelessness and death, seldom get to the basics. The basics are that death is programmed into the system of life. If nobody ever fought against anybody else, but rather, everybody worked together peacefully, people might live a little longer, but they still die. --- The only way to handle this situation - since we don't know how to stop death - is to spiritually learn to love the Almighty One Who is over us all. He gave us life in the first place because He wants us to live. We die because of our own despair and wickedness. Life has been returned to us through the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God, who took the results of our imperfection with Himself on the cross. Like as He was raised to life after the cross, even so we can look forward to a joyful resurrection with Him in Heaven.