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The International Monetary Fund issued a report about inflation that warned of devaluation and drastic price increases. Dimitri Speck, a financial analyst in Munich, says that the world has never had such a high debt as now that it cannot be paid off

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Yesterday, we showed that according to Macquarie strategist Viktor Shvets, the biggest danger facing investors in the next 12 months is a sudden, explosive move higher in the dollar, as a result of a quiet shrinkage in global dollar supply and an ina

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As the US Dollar continues to charge higher so EM currencies have been pounded and after a long weekend, it appears to be Argentina that is suffering the most as the central bank of Argentina reportedly intervened in the local FX market today to miti

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and why gold will skyrocket...(Natural News) Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, launched his new "Counterthink" program on the Infowars network this week with an interview featuring financial expert Peter Schiff, who gave his analysis of what's cu