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Gun Rights

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First published in Issue Number 13, September 1, 1996 Recently we've heard astonishing fallout from an impressive study of the achievements, so far, of a growing effort--almost amounting to a movement--to make it easier for ordinary folks to leg

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Defense Distributed

"But, once adopted into the production process of capital, the means of labour passes through different metamorphoses, whose culmination is the machine, or rather, an automatic system of machinery, set in motion by an automaton, a moving power that m

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Print Shoot Repeat

Today we test the Wide Open Trigger (WOT) with forced reset technology on a 3D Printed Lower. This lower is called the UBAR and is reinforced using a U-Bolt design. How will this lower handle the high rate of fire?

Article Image by Deane Waldman

What does a virus, a Marxist movement, and bans on firearms have in common? Nothing, superficially. Delving deeper, they are tools of federal oppression.

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