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Gun Rights

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Before anyone proposes more gun control, he or she should know about a simple, deadly weapon 4 times as powerful as Dirty Harry's legendary .44 Magnum--and at least twice as concealable--that can't be controlled.

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"Enforced Diversity" Is Seriously BAD "Forced Inclusivity" Creates Numerous Problems Outlawing Guns, While Government Keeps its Guns, BAD "Hate Crime" Is Thought Crime, and Orwellian, BAD

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En Bloc Press

The 'Make Glocks Full Auto' 3D printed Glock auto-sear was added to the Deterrence Dispsned LBRY Channel today. The files allow users with a 3D printer to produce the parts necessary to convert their standard Glock 17 pattern frame guns to fully auto

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Readers have been well informed about multiple shortages of ammunition and firearms in the last year due to a massive demand pull from frightened Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest in cities around the US, and the prospect of an an