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Gun Rights

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After tumbling on Wednesday, amid hopes for a Trump victory in the election and the return of 'law and order', US gunmaker stocks are soaring the last two days as the odds of a Biden victory continue to rise...

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Each and every individual possesses an undeniable human right to believe any kind of nonsensical jabberwockey he wishes.

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Thanks to the civil unrest, chaos, and looming election that have defined 2020, Americans are stocking up on guns at a record rate.

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Anybody who knows me, every reader who follows what I write, understands by now that I am not a religious person.

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Organic Prepper - 1stMarineJarHead

Since ammunition is getting difficult to find, consider that air rifles and pistols exercise the same fundamentals of marksmanship and can even be used for hunting.

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For decades, the Democratic party has wanted to abrogate the Second Amendment, to ban the sale of guns of any and all calibers, sizes, shapes and potential uses. They have long sought to limit the amount of ammo per gun and were just foiled again on

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Attorneys For Freedom

Gun Freedom Radio Interviews Attorney Marc J. Victor - Our guest today is Marc J. Victor. Marc is an Arizona State bar-certified specialist in criminal law who has been zealously representing clients in serious state and federal criminal law matters

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Frightening Development in New Zealand with Implications for US