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Gun Rights

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

The 1st and 2nd Amendments have always been under attack, and they always will be. That should give you a good indication as to how important they both are. Every individual is free to do good, or to do ill. Everyone has a choice to lie or commit cri

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Organic Prepper - 1stMarineJarHead

What makes a good shot? Is it the ammo, the weapon, or perhaps something more? Regular practice of this drill will help you to find the answer

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If anyone has read the 800+ page novel Unintended Consequences, the name John Ross should be familiar. I had chatted with him several times and was a friend on Facebook. Found out Friday from his best friend Tammy that he died that afternoon.

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On April 1, four criminal thugs broke into a man's house in Longre, France. Responding as any reasonable human would, the homeowner fired twice at the intruders with a rifle, killing one of them. Despite the forced entry into his home, and the fact