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DB Business

In this video Elon Musk talks about Global Warming. He elaborates very interesting issues regarding this subject. As always Elon analyses the topic from different perspective and it is very educational. Check it out.

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Elon Musk and Peter Diamandis discuss optimistic views of the future in wide-ranging topics from energy and communications to knowledge and transport, the importance of making humanity an interplanetary species plus the duo will announce the $100M XP

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John Stossel -

"Climate change is the existential threat!" warns Bernie Sanders and others. But if he really believed that, he should support nuclear -- the only technology that has a track record of rapidly replacing fossil fuels.

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Eric Peters Autos

California's deciders want to ban everyone's cars. If we're talking about cars that aren't - cough - "zero emissions" electric cars.

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In western North America, huge swaths of forested areas may become unsuitable for trees owing to climate change, say researchers. In the Rocky Mountains, estimates hold that by 2050, about 15% of the forests would not grow back if felled by fire beca