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The EPA issued a final determination last week, banning the local disposal of dredged waste from building and operating the mine. This dumping would have "unacceptable adverse effects" on local waters, including around 100 miles of streams and 2,

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Imagine you dedicated your life to environmentalism and all of its assumptions. Then imagine you realize those assumptions are all wrong. What would you do? Entrepreneur Brian Gitt tells his personal story and where it led him.

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This is the first episode of our new series "Overlooked," a deep dive into Stephen King/Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining". We have five episodes (but there may possibly be a sixth, an epilogue). The series starts with the foundation of "The Environment

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The Mississippi River sweeps millions of bottles, cans, tires, oil, plastic bags and containers, along with junk of every description, and chemicals into the Gulf of Mexico 24/7. Somebody is cleaning it up.


"There was a great store of wild turkeys, of which they took many," the Mayflower arrival William Bradford wrote in his journal, during his first autumn in Plymouth, in 1621. Bradford didn't eat turkey at that first Thanksgiving, because, reall