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Construction to Start Soon on Controversial U.S. Lithium Mine -

• by B.N. Frank

Ingredients needed to make batteries for electric vehicles (see 1234567891011), laptops, smartphones, and other "smart" devices are often referred to as "conflict minerals" because of the numerous significant environmental and humanitarian issues associated with obtaining them (see 12, 34).  This has led to an increasing number of Americans opposed to mines in or near their communities (see 123).  Additionally, reports about costs, limitations, and risks associated with EVs (see 1,23) and other "clean energy" and/or "green energy" projects continue to increase worldwide (see 12).  Nevertheless, the Biden administration remains committed to funding as well as rushing EV projects (see 123) which may now be easier with the approval of a new mine.

From Ars Technica:

Creation of largest US lithium mine draws closer despite protest over land use

Thacker Pass mine considered critical to Biden's $2 trillion clean energy plan.

Ashley Belanger

Construction will reportedly soon begin on a mine that's expected to become the United States' largest source of lithium. This mine is viewed as critical to Joe Biden's $2 trillion clean energy plan by powering the nation's increased production of electric vehicles.

On Monday, a US district judge denied the majority of legal challenges raised by environmentalists, ranchers, and indigenous tribes, upholding that the federal government's decision to approve the Thacker Pass mine in 2020 was largely not made in error.

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