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The best way to destroy a once-great American city is to elect progressives who will implement social justice reform. And the result, as we turn our attention to various West Coast cities, Baltimore, and Chicago, is the rapid decline of law and order

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John & Nisha Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute

...why is anyone surprised to learn that the FBI, one of the most power-hungry and corrupt agencies within the police state's vast complex of power-hungry and corrupt agencies, misused a massive government surveillance database more than 300,000 ti

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The long awaited US Justice Department "Russiagate" report by Special Counsel John Durham exonerated President Donald Trump from false charges and performed the important public service of making law and order conservatives aware that their belov

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Why did the FBI engage in illegal surveillance of those opposed to mandated Covid vaccination? How is it that a federal police investigatory agency came to view behavior protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution as a possible felony?

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Jacob Hornberger - FFF

Given the recent spate of killings in different parts of the United States, the response of the gun-control crowd has been predictable. Same old, same old. "These shootings show, once again, why we need gun control in America," they cry.