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The Solution to Violence in America

• Jacob Hornberger - FFF

Never mind that Switzerland is awash in the private ownership of guns and there aren't regular mass killings there. And never mind that California's strict gun-control laws have not prevented mass killings there. When it comes to gun ownership, logic and analysis are in short supply within the gun-control crowd.

Let's assume that Congress enacted a nation-wide ban on AR-15s. All owners of AR-15s would be required to immediately deliver their AR-15s to the nearest Post Office.

Does this mean that mass killers would now be deprived of an AR-15? Only the most naive and innocent gun-control advocate would believe that. Instead, there would now be a black market in which anyone who wanted an AR-15 could purchase one. Sure, the price would be higher, but that would not be an insurmountable obstacle, any more than increased prices of drugs due to drug prohibition prevent drug users from acquiring illegal drugs in the black market.

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