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Are Western Peoples Capable of Protecting their Liberty?

• by Paul Craig Rob

This should enrage Americans. They should be in the streets in the tens of millions demanding the abolishment of the FBI–the greatest threat to American Freedom in the history of our country.  Instead, the indoctrinated population thinks Russia, China, and Iran are the enemies.

Instead of defending their liberty, Americans tolerate tyranny.  They are told that tyranny protects them from terrorists, misinformation, and white supremacists.  

Here is the report on the FBI's surveillance of online sites against Covid Vaccine Mandates:  

Matt Taibbi, formerly the star attraction on the leftwing magazine Rolling Stone until he was recently fired for telling the truth instead of regurgitating Official Narratives, has a new Internet site where he continues to expose the liars who protect Official Narratives.

In a recent offering, Taibbi named 50 of the main groups that our rulers organized and finance to censor truth and control what we think and believe.  He provides a diagram of "The Censorship Industrial Complex."