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If you've been forced to pay the state money for not having caused any harm lately – i.e., been issued what is styled a "ticket" because you drove faster than an arbitrarily posted "speed limit" says you may, or made a right turn on red (

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Sasha Latypova Substack

"mRNA Vaccine Approval" was a farce. Deaths and injuries are real and intentional.

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Organic Prepper - Aden Tate

There's been another Antifa autonomous zone set up in the US, and it's been allowed to exist for months. In Atlanta, a "night of rage" turned into a weekend of destruction.

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As you'll see, I don't think the FTX crime, as vile as it is, is worth a great deal of our time: We are producers, and should devote our energy to production. For that reason I haven't written about it till now.

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