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Armstrong Economics

That is why Bandara joined Hitler's Nazis, promising they would be allowed to form a nation. Kiev was the origin of the Rus who are the Russians today. I am telling you I know Kyiv very well. They are the MOST corrupt government in the entire world


Former President Trump and former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard are emerging as voices of reason, as the world watches developments in the Ukraine War with increasing concern.

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Three months before covid appeared, DoD issued "COVID-19 Research" contract to Ukrainian company

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Just over a day after Kiev crossed Putin's "red line" and struck the bridge connecting Crimea with mainland Russia, Moscow launched an unprecedented level of airstrikes throughout Ukraine, aiming at the power grid and military command centers. The Bi

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The West should announce it will cut off all military support for Ukraine and they should yield the Donbas to Russia since that has been Russian Territory for centuries, for Zelensky is out of his mind.

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Fifteen cities plus smaller towns in Ukraine have had their infrastructure damaged in Russian strikes today. The EU advisory mission in Kiev was also hit.