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Americans Want Negotiations, the State Wants War and the Dismemberment of Russia

•, By Kurt Nimmo

It should be obvious to most Americans the state is not working in their best interest. Approval of Congress is at an all-time low, although, since July, it has risen from 17 percent to 22 percent. When polled, Americans single out inflation and the economy, the affordability of healthcare, and violent crime as the most important issues. Fear of Russia figures far down on the list.

For the state, the primary focus is not the health and security of the American people. No, for the state and its "partners" and "stakeholders," the primary focus is war, theft, and subjugation in the name of neoliberal conquest.

Most people understand, if often vaguely, the endpoint of war—the collapse of civilization, possibly the end of life on the planet. The average person believes negotiations should be front and center when a war begins, but this is anathema to the "humanitarian interventionists" now in charge of foreign policy.

"According to a new survey of Americans, a growing majority desire negotiations with Washington's enemies. For example, nearly 80% of people polled said they want the White House to continue nuclear talks with Iran,"  write Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman for the Libertarian Institute.

"The Eurasia Group Foundation released a new survey asking Americans if our government should negotiate with adversaries. Nearly twice as many Americans said they want more talks compared to those calling for less diplomacy."

The authors note that since the "Big Guy" was selected (it was his turn, after all), "Washington's relationship with Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang and Tehran has become more contentious," which should be expected. They are officially declared enemies, primarily because they reject the neoliberal order. "However, the increasingly hostile White House is not reflective of the American public. Year-over-year the poll shows an increase in Americans favoring diplomacy over isolation."