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• by Paul Craig Rob

The best current account is on — 

Southfront reports: "RUSSIA STARTS TO FIGHT FOR-REAL," but more likely it is a wrist slap for Ukraine's attack on the Crimea bridge.  If the Kremlin saw these strikes as part of the war, the strikes would continue and intensify until Ukraine was begging on its knees to surrender. As of this time, there is no indication that the Kremlin intends to do what it needs to do and bring the conflict to an end before it widens into all out conflict with the West.

Russian on-the-ground military intervention was probably never necessary to halt Ukraine's attack on Donbass.  The Kremlin could have just knocked out the civilian and military infrastructure of Western Ukraine and continued repeating the attacks day after day until Ukraine complied or was destroyed.  The conflict might have lasted a week without a single Russian casualty.

But the Kremlin chose a Goody Two Shoes role–small commitment of ground forces to the Russian parts of eastern Ukraine long suffering from Ukrainian artillery strikes on civilians and neo-Nazi torture of the Russian population, about which there has been no complaint in the Western whore media.