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Article Image, by Jeffrey Tucker

In other words, like all government actions, the results of a world government would end in the opposite of the promise: not peace but war, not prosperity but poverty, not health but sickness, not a better environment but a worse one.

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Activist Post

Warning: W.H.O Global Coup in May! shows that Dr. Robert Malone explained how the World Health Organization's Pandemic Treaty and/or International Health Regulations will override our national sovereignty if approved on May 27.

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James Corbett - The Corbett Report

Whatever happened to the World Economic Forum? One minute they were everywhere in the media and now they have all but disappeared from public discourse. The answer, of course, is that the WEF hasn't gone anywhere and the Great Reset agenda is still

Article Image, By Julian Rose

Just under the surface of daily life two starkly opposing forces are at work: 'the will for life' and 'the will for no life'. Both are wrestling their way towards becoming the dominant reality of this era. It's a race against time.

Article Image, Greg Reese

James Roguski on SubStack has been reporting on the so-called WHO Pandemic Treaty and it's history. He has shown that it's entire history is fraudulent and relies upon the people's silence.