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Whitney Webb: Bankers Use Climate Scam in Latin America to Introduce Digital Currency Globally

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Wall Street bankers, intelligence agencies from the US, UK and Israel, tech billionaires and other powerful interests developed a scheme, GREEN+, to  entangle local governments across Latin America to take control of vast swaths of public lands for use as carbon credits. The ultimate objective is to monetize air, water and other resources as commodities.  

The currency in Argentina has been devalued and people are being pushed into dollar-denominated stable coins like Tether that allows the FBI to spy on users. The goal is programmable currency, whether it is issued by central banks or private companies, that allows bankers to control the money and spending over all people. 

Every capital city of latin America has eagerly signed on, unaware of the strings attached to the partnerships, paving the way for a sweeping surveillance apparatus tied to American intelligence under the guise of combating climate change.


Latin America is quietly being forced into a carbon market scheme through regional contractual obligations – enforced by the satellites of a US intelligence-linked firm – which seeks to create an inter-continental "smart grid," erode national and local sovereignty, and link carbon-based life to the debt-based monetary system via a Bitcoin sidechain.